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“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for” – John A Shedd

Use Genuine Parts, Keep Sailing…

Bangladesh port

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We believe in corporate social responsibility and practice the best business ethics, ensuring all our products and supplies meet environmental standards to ensure the society we live in is sustainable.

The past decades have seen many sustainable initiatives in the shipping industry globally, and we are proud to continue this momentum. 

We procure new genuine marine parts and reusable ship spare parts from credible ship recycling affiliates in line with this.

 If necessary, the reusable marine engine spare parts undergo technical inspections and reconditioned to the highest standard, which benefits society economically and ecologically. We support Bangladesh green campaigns by the government and private organizations, which is one of our business priorities at all times.

Al Sol Marine focuses on addressing climate change and reducing waste using recycled packing materials, and strictly following the maritime organization’s guidelines. Which includes no procurement or supplies of marine spare parts that contains asbestos or similar materials.

Use Genuine Parts, Keep Sailing…

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