marine engine parts suppliers (technicians)


Certifications / Inspections / Quality Control / Technical

Our qualified and experienced engineers and technical team can carry out the following tests and inspections at our facility, few of them can be done at a third party facility strictly under our quality control.


Air Gap Inspection and Megger Test

Aux Engine Block

Inspection with MPI and DPT

Aux Engine Bedplate / Crankcase

Inspection, Main Bearing Housing Measurements, Laser Alignments, MPI and DPT

Aux Engines, Compressors, Purifiers and Heat Exchangers

Complete Overhauling, Servicing and Load Test


Inspection with Calibration Report


Inspection by Pin Diameter Calibration, Trueness Check, MPI, DPT & Hardness Test

Connecting Rods and Piston Rods

Inspection, Calibration, Band Test, MPI Test on Serration teeth, Hardness Test / DPT on Piston Rods

Cylinder Heads

Inspection, Hydraulic Pressure Test, MPI / DPT on Combustion Space

Cylinder Liners

Inspection, Bore Calibration and DPT

Fuel Pumps and Injectors

Servicing and Pressure Setting

Piston Crowns

Inspection, Groove Height Measurements, Groove Axial Clearance and DPT on Combustion Space

Turbo Charger

Servicing Including the Rotor Shaft Dynamic Balancing

Other necessary inspections and tests can be carried out as per the customer’s specific requirements. We can arrange IACS class inspections and certifications on demand.